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I have been unable to write for days now. Late last night I posted the latest blog only to remove it within hours. For the past two days I have been shocked and saddened by the events in Charlottesville, VA. Every time I sat at the computer I was unimpressed by my own words. Meaningless in the trauma of today. So instead of focusing on “Lamanite” issues I am choosing a simple post.

I am not alone. Many people regardless of religion, culture, race, or gender stand together – saddened by the world we live in. Saddened by recent events. Many surprised by the hate that was hidden beneath the surface. Many more were not surprised. Personally I am not surprised by what happens, but very surprised by how it is handled by leaders once it has happened.

Bigotry in all forms is the opposite of Christlike. I implore everyone to consider what bigotry they may exemplify even without meaning to. What walls do we all hide behind? Religious walls, leaders, beliefs, politics, etc. Regardless of if we are religious or not, our beliefs matter.

I am shy by nature. Quiet… well, unless I know you really well, then you might just miss the quiet. If I am writing it is different, but then no one is here. However in public I relax behind the scenes, preferring to watch people. Perhaps it is because I have seen too much, experienced too much. In a way I hide behind my shyness. Though there have been a number of things I have hidden behind during my life. Beliefs have often times been the main force for me, though my beliefs are changing now. There is a long list of things I would have done different if my beliefs about other people had not trapped me. I was a good person, but now I know I wasn’t good enough.

I was at the grocery store this weekend, a woman was in line behind me in an electric cart. We came from very different backgrounds and I realized my shyness could be interpreted in many other ways. Instead of staying in my own world I quietly loaded all her groceries onto the belt, smiled at her, and she thanked me. She asked me about my day and I told her about my kids. She spoke of her own children and grandchildren. I could have hidden behind shyness, but I would have missed the chance to see a woman smile and talk about her grandkids. FYI, her four year old granddaughter apparently has the entire clan wrapped around her finger. Not out of being cute, but by being persistent. 🙂

Words are powerful, but they soon become meaningless without action. Action is powerful, but soon becomes meaningless without words. I truly hope leaders around the globe choose both words and actions carefully. I hope religious leaders choose their words and actions carefully. I hope that words and actions that are no longer acceptable are publicly rejected by leaders. I have hope.









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