Date this page was last updated: November 27, 2023


1 – Angelo Baca’s Film (I highly recommend watching this.) Click link to watch: In Laman’s Terms: Looking At Lamanite Identity

2- Coming Soon to the website – research article titled the Lamanite Truth Project. It will be available in July 2023.

3 – Mormon Stories Podcast – Losing the Lamanites Interviews. Click the following links:

4 – Interviews recorded of people who experienced the ¨Indian Placement Program¨ in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Mormon Transition Resources

1 – For anyone trying to understand the issues within Mormonism, a Latino and former “Lamanite” wrote Letter to My Wife. I personally highly recommend this website. It is an amazing resource, easy to navigate, and has additional download options. A wealth of information. Click the following link: Letter For My Wife

2 – Jeremy T. Runnels – Big thank you to Jeremy Runnels for a Spanish version of the CES Letter! Many Spanish speaking people who have been called “Lamanite” will benefit from reading this. Click the following link: Spanish CES Link

3 – My Personal Transition Story. Click the following link: Sarah Newcomb/ My Transition