Welcome! This is a blog about “Lamanite” truth and identity within Mormonism. Many races and cultures have been told they are “Lamanites,” also known as “the children of Lehi.” Native Americans, Central Americans, South Americans, and Pacific Islanders have their heritage and history within Mormonism defined as the Book of Mormon itself.

To learn more about why this false narrative matters follow this link: The Truth – What Lamanite Heritage Is

Please interpret the information posted however you feel comfortable, and follow the sources cited. This blog is in no way trying to interpret the information for you. It is simply to give a full view of the beliefs and views the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has towards the people they term “Lamanites”.

Everyone has a different experience with what they believe about the term “Lamanites.” Especially those who claim to be a “Lamanite”, as they may have completely different experiences, both positive and negative. Please be sensitive and respectful of others beliefs.

Though this blog is about “Lamanite” heritage, identity is something everyone can relate to. No matter your culture, race, age, gender, or lifestyle, we are one.