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The Lamanite Truth Project

~ The Lamanite Truth Project – Part One The Lamanite Truth Project – Part One

~ Addressing Apologetics – Beliefs, Apologetics, and Lamanites.

Mormon Missionaries

~First Conversation with Mormon Missionaries – Racism. Click this link to read: Mormon Missionaries

~Second Conversation with Mormon Missionaries – Racism. Click this link to read: Dark Skin Sign of the Curse

~Missionary Lies – Native Americans Who They Are. Click link to read: Missionary “Lamanite” Handout

~Stop Making Missionaries Lie. Click link to read: Stop Making Missionaries Lie

Recent Teachings

~My Reaction to the Come Follow Me 2020 Manual. Come Follow Me 2020

~BYU Education Week 2019 and Manifest Destiny. Response to Manifest Destiny

Skin Curse

~Skin Color and The Racist God – “Why people are born Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Negroes” etc. Click link to read: The Racist God.

~Skin Curse. Current teaching in Seminary and more. Click  link to read: Current Teachings.

~Studying the The Lamanite Mark. Click links to read: Lamanite Mark – Part 1 & Good Books Part 2: Lamanite Mark – Part 2

Native American Genocide

~Getting rid of Native Americans -Brigham Young style. Click link to read: Brigham Young Quote

~Genocide – Native Americans Caused Their Own. Click link to read: Native Americans caused their genocide.

~God Led Columbus – Native Americans swept from land. The source for this says it all. Source: America’s Promise (Ensign). Click link to read: God led Columbus – Native Americans swept from land.

~Timpanogos People – Shattered glass in flour given to families. Click link to read: Mormons gift flour.

~Mormon Nauvoo Legion – Reimbursed equivalent of 30 million for “dealing” with Native Americans.Click here to read: Nauvoo Legion – Utah

~Extermination Campaign ordered by Brigham Young – Click link to read: Remembering Our Ancestors

Colonization and the Indian Placement Program

~ Various quotes from within Mormonism and conflicting truths. Click link to read: Mormonism’s Dance with Colonization

~Current Stories of Survivors of the Indian Placement Program. Click link to read: The Indian Placement Program

~ Early church history of colonization, and quote from a living descendant of Seccunup, daughter of Chief Aeropeen. Click link to read: Remembering Our Ancestors 

Personal Experiences

~Mormonism betrayed me, and I had betrayed my heritage. Click link to read: Betrayal

~Superiority – Since the inception of Mormonism by Derek Iorg. Click link to read: Derek Iorg

~Finding truth in the middle, wisdom from my Navajo Aunt. Click link to read: Truth In The Gray

~Living my truth while supporting active Mormons.Click link to read: The Only Label – Humanity

Mormon Church

~Facts Hidden in the DNA Essay. Click link to read:   Hurt by beliefs, not facts.

~Labels – Dallin H. Oaks. Clink link to read: Labels

~Lamanite Lie Is Not Done In Ignorance. Click link to read: The Lamanite Lie

~No Official LDS Church Sources Exists. Click link to read: No Official Sources

~The LDS Church denounces racism without removing racism in their teachings. Click link to read: What does the church actually denounce?

~Who is responsible for the truth? Click links to read: Who is Responsible? Part 1,  Who is Responsible. Part 2,  Who is Responsible, Part 3.

~Why the Prophets are considered justified in telling people they are Lamanites. Click link to read: Prophets Justified