Coming Soon!

Happy New Year from Lamanite Truth! This year I have a rather large project coming to the website called The Lamanite Truth Project. Updates will be posted as they happen. It will be rather heavy in both research and writing. It may appear quiet on my end, but it is far from it.  There will still be blog posts, though not as many. The project will be completed as of July 16, 2019 –  the second anniversary of the Lamanite Truth website.

Additionally, I am always on the search for old handouts and documents regarding “Lamanites”. Especially old missionary handouts or documents from the Indian Placement Program. I run the website alone and with limited resources have found it difficult to access old documents. Thank you in advance to anyone who runs across anything and sends it in! 

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4 thoughts on “Coming Soon!

  1. Patric Alan

    Hello, what do you know about Wovoka and his relationship to the LDS church, and to the appearance of Christ among the Lamanites in 1890, in fulfillment of a prophecy received by Joseph Smith?


      1. Patric Alan

        The event was apparently significant enough in 1890, to have been published internationally. All that I can tell you is that there is plenty of controversial information available on line. I recommend that you take the time to investigate it for your own conclusions. I did so several years ago, and found it to be very rewarding time spent. Hope you will let me know what you think. After you have begun, if you have questions please contact me.


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