Looking Forward

Hi everyone! Well, it has been six weeks since I last wrote on the blog. What has been going on… a great new layout! Take a look around the website, there are some new features. Of course the “List of Lamanites” is growing. I have now passed 100 different peoples and tribes identified by the LDS church to be “Lamanties”! Also, the Archives page makes it much easier to access past blog posts.

One major addition is the Resources page. One area on the Resources page I am hoping to get a lot of support on is the “We Are” section. I am looking for stories of people who have reclaimed their identity. Leaving Mormonism is a hard process for everyone. For some whose very heritage has been stolen it can add some unique challenges. I did not know a single Native American who had left the church. There was something very lonely and confusing as I tried to process what had happened to me. Seeing other Native stories of those who reconnected with their true heritage definitely changes things, at least it did for me.

If you or anyone you know has a post Mormon story to share about the journey towards reclaiming true heritage please contact me!


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