How to Identify a “Lamanite”

How to Identify a “Lamanite” Checklist

  1. Does the individual have brown skin and dark features

This is the number one step to identifying a Lamanite. If yes, move on to question 2.

  1. Does the individual’s family originate/ ancestry anywhere in North America, South America, or the Pacific Islands?

If you answered yes to both congratulations, you have a Lamanite.

There exists no DNA from Father Lehi in any of the people in North America, South America, or the Pacific Islands. The following list is explanations for why all the people are taught they are Lamanites, or children of Father Lehi.


Why People from North America, South America, and the

Pacific Islands are called Lamanites

  1. They have brown skin. This is a sign of the curse. Since they all have brown skin this is a sign they joined the Lamanites, joining them means they became Lamanites themselves, though they had no Lamanite DNA.


  1. Their family originated from North America, South America, or the Pacific Islands. This is important because it is proof of wrong religious traditions. All the people in North America, South America, and the Pacific Islands originally had their own wrong non-Christian religions. This is proof they followed bad Lamanite teachings, and were cursed just like the Lamanites.


To summarize DNA doesn’t matter. The fact that direct lineage does not exist is irrelevant. All that matters is the sign of the curse (brown skin) and coming from people who once had non-Christian traditions (bad or wrong religions). Anyone else shaking their head at the stupidity, superiority, and assumptions made by those who have been given (taken) power they don’t deserve? I sure am. “Lamanite” is a cultural identification, NOT A BLOOD LINE. 

The fact that it is quiet, admitted – but quietly, breaks my heart. How many people have been told they are direct descendants of Lehi? I know my mom was when she joined at the age of 19. How many people have had their history stolen? However, the main reason this breaks my heart is due to it’s hidden nature. It isn’t something talked about or discussed in public. There is no healing for those who experience it, unless they find the truth themselves. Once they find the truth they are often alone in their pain. Realizing all the pain they internalized over heritage and skin they begin a search for healing and understanding. If they are the only person in their family to leave the church it is a lonely and very painful process. This is why this subject is so important. I do not do this to take down some church with beliefs I don’t agree with. I do this to support those who find themselves on the outside. To validate them. To take away that loneliness in pain that few understand. An entire religion based on how you got brown skin really sucks. Big thank you to Mormon Stories Podcast for the Losing the Lamanites series.

READ the source with quotes! Worth your time!



  1. BYU Encyclopedia of Mormonism, Lamanites, Web. 20 September 2017.

Quote from the current version: “Lamanite can refer to descendants of Laman and his party; to an incipient nationality based upon an ideology, with its own lineage history and religious beliefs; or to one or more cultures.”

Quote from of the pre-1992 version: “At times the name (Lamanite) refers to ‘the people of Laman’; at other times it can identify unbelievers and ignore ancestral lines, depending on contextual specifics regarding peoples, time, and place.”

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