Coming soon – Checklist on identifying a “Lamanite!”

Hi everyone! Sorry I disappeared for a few weeks. Family emergency stuff, three trips to the hospital, etc. Sleep… very little sleep. Drank lots of coffee! 🙂 Life is good though and things are looking up! Exhausted but surviving. 🙂

First, I hope everyone enjoyed my first amazing guest blogger Derek. His story was deeply touching to me. One reason I think it is important to discuss “Lamanite” issues is not just for the people who are incorrectly called “Lamanites,” but also for non-Lamanites who have been effected. Stories like Derek’s are invaluable to understanding all points of view. His view, as a spouse and parent, are every bit as important to be heard. What he shared was in many ways were very healing and validating for me too. So thank you Derek, you rock are awesome!

If anyone is interested in guest blogging just message me. First Sunday of every month I will be having a guest blogger. This next month I will have a Native American blogger, she will be posting anonymously out of sensitivity for current family members still active in the church. This will be the first Sunday in October.

For a number of weeks I have been wondering who is officially considered a “Lamanite” now. Especially since learning the church no longer identifies a “Lamanite” as a literal descendant, and DNA as irrelevant, who are the “Lamanites?” I admit when I first was discussing this issue with a few close friends I was sarcastic as I made my list, then I realized it was accurate. Though “Lamanites” are not real, the church treats them as real. Once I have more sourcing done I will have the list ready, so coming soon!

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